Academic work

This page covers the main academic topics that I explore. 

Information systems

I explore how people can engage with information systems (e.g. social media and educational instutitions). 

        Through psychologically informed agent-based models, we can simulate the emergence of echo chambers, test the effect of micro-targeted campaigning, and show climate change denialism. This tests the fragility of information systems toward misinformation. 


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Reasoning & decision-making

From my roots in classical rhetoric to my current work, I have been interested in how people change their beliefs and why they decide to do what they do.

        I frequently use a Bayesian approach to model and test argument fallacies and evidence integration as well as how subjectively perceived source credibility impacts reasoning. 

       From a subjective foundation, I explore aspects of discrimination, heterogeneity, and supposed biases

Complex system management

Interactive people in dynamic environments yield complex systems. Analytic method  cannot describe these, as the interactions can generate feedback loops that cause systemic cascades. Instead, they require numeric solutions.  

       Using cogntively realistic agent-based models, we can trace consequences of interventions, observe adaption, and train Bayesian optimisers to find the best policy solutions for  complex problems.