I am a post-doctoral research fellow at the Oxford University where I work at the complex human-environment systems simulations (Cohesys) group. I predominantly work with cognitive and social human aspects – how we learn, why we seek out information, how we engage with others, and how we use our perception of others and of the evidence to revise our beliefs about the world. 

My main aim is to use psychologically informed models to generate more sustainable environments, to incentives better deliberative and democratic norms, and to lessen discrimination in society. This is only possible if how people revise their beliefs, act, and interact.

I am from Odense, Denmark, where I attended Mulernes Legatskole. After studying rhetorical theory at the University of Copenhagen, I moved to London to pursue a PhD in the psychology of persuasion at UCL. After completing my PhD in Dec. 2013, I worked as a post-doc at Birkbeck before moving to Oxford University in Jan. 2016.

In my spare time, I like to run, cook, read, listen to podcasts and music, go to art shows and museums, and hang our with friends and family.