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Orcid: 0000-0003-2405-8496

Phone Number: UK: +44 (0)75 4031 8360 // DK: +45 42 41 14 13


Academic positions

2016-presentPost-doctoral Research Assistant at University of Oxford (job description: Bayesian Optimization and Behavioural Decision-Making), School of Geography and the Environment

2016-presentResearch Fellow of the Martin School, University of Oxford

2014-16Post-doctoral Fellowship at Birkbeck College, University of London (BBK), see ‘research grants’

2013-1412-month lectureship at BBK


Educational background

2013 PhD in Cognitive Perceptual, and Brain Sciences, University College London (UCL, thesis title: Prolegomena to a Theory and Model of Persuasion Processing: A Subjective-Probabilistic Interactive Model of Persuasion (SPIMP))

2012 MA in Rhetoric at the University of Copenhagen (KU, dissertation title: Practical argumentation: The limits of formal logic and the introduction of the Bayesian approach in practical argumentation and rhetoric)

2010 MRes in Speech, Language, and Cognition at UCL (dissertation title: Persuasion Theory and Analysis: Mentalizing and Pragmatics as Supplementary Concepts)

2009 BA Graduate student of rhetoric at KU (dissertation title: Rhetorical Argumentation and Logical Inadequacies: An essay on logical and practical argumentation in rhetorical theory)

2008-09 Erasmus student, UCL (3rd year of undergraduate degree in rhetorical theory)


Research grants and awards

2014-16Individual Post-Doctoral Fellowship Award from the Danish Council for Independent Research in Humanities (FKK), The Role of Content Strength and Source Credibility in Campaigns Combatting Obesity, DKK: 1.387.400// £ 153.379 (grant ID: DFF-1329-00021B), grant awarded to 15 out of 108

2014Shortlisted for Sapere Aude – Danish Council for Independent Research talent award, FKK

2010-13Multiple scholarships and awards from various foundations in support of PhD and MRes, total grant: DKK: 400.000//£ 45.215 (see ’individual awards, scholarships, and grants’)


Peer-reviewed publications

ForthcomingMadsen, J. K. (XXX) Time during time: Multi-Scalar Temporal Cognition, in Cowley, S. & Vallée-Tourangeau, F. (Eds.) Cognition Beyond the Brain: Computation, Interactivity and Human Artifice 2nd edition (pp. xxx-xxx), Springer

2016Madsen, J. K. (2016) Trump supported it?! A Bayesian source credibility model applied to appeals to specific American presidential candidates’ opinions, Papafragou, A., Grodner, D., Mirman, D., & Trueswell, J.C. (Eds.) Proceedings of the 38th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society, Austin, TX: Cognitive Science Society, 165-170

2016Madsen, J. K. (2016) The malleability and predictability of source credibility: American election candidates as a case study, in Mohammed, D. & Lewinksy, M. (Eds) Studies in Argumentation and Logic vol. 1, chapter 20, 457-476

2015Harris, A. J. L., Hahn, U., Madsen, J. K., & Hsu, A. S. (2015). The Appeal to Expert Opinion: Quantitative support for a Bayesian Network Approach. Cognitive Science 40, 1496-1533

2015Madsen, J. K. (2015) Modelling Political Source Credibility of Election Candidates in the USA, in Noelle, D. C., Dale, R., Warlaumont, A. S., Yoshimi, J., Matlock, T., Jennings, C. D., & Maglio, P. P. (Eds.). Proceedings of the 37th Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society. Austin, TX: Cognitive Science Society, 1470-1476

2014Cowley, S. J. & Madsen, J. K. (2014) Time and temporality: Linguistic distribution in human life-games, Cybernetics and Human Knowing 21 (1/2), 172-185

2014Madsen, J. K. (2014) Approaching Bayesian subjectivity from a temporal perspective, Cybernetics and Human Knowing 21 (1/2), 98-112

2014Madsen, J. K. & Cowley, S. J. (2014) Living subjectivity: Time-scales, language, and the fluidity of self, Cybernetics and Human Knowing 21 (1/2), 11-22

2013Prolegomena to a Theory and Model of Verbal Persuasion: A Subjective-Probabilistic Interactive Model of Persuasion, PhD Thesis, University College London, pp 386

2013 Madsen, J. K. (2013) A Cognitive Supplement to Rhetorical Theory, in Belle, H. v., Gillaerts, P., Gorp, B. v., Mieroop, D. v. d. & Rutten, K. (Eds.) Verbal and Visual Rhetoric in a Media World, Leiden University Press: Mulder van Meurs: Amsterdam, 95-116

2012Madsen, J. K. (2012) ‘Overtalelse’ defineret i et retorisk perspektiv, Rhetorica Scandinavica 16 (2), 37-57

2012Harris, A., Hsu, A. & Madsen, J. K. (2012) Because Hitler did it! Quantitative tests of Bayesian argumentation using Ad Hominem, Thinking & Reasoning 18 (3), 311-343


Non-peer reviewed publications

2014Aagaard, A., Eskerod, P., Hannibal, M., Madsen, J. K., Madsen, T. K., Petersen, B. & Rosenbaum, S. M. (2014) Organisering og ledelse af multipartnerprojekter: En undersøgelse blandt rådgivende ingeniører in Søndergaard, N. & Ahrengot, N. (Eds.) Vækst & Forretningsudvikling: Håndbogen, 1st edition, København: Børsen Ledelseshåndbøger, Vol. 5, chp. 7.3, pp. 329-340

2014Madsen, J. K. (2014) Stout Cortés looked upon the Pacific and marvelled, Enthographies of the Imagination. Volume 1: The Beach, Attributes (26, June), 92-94

2014Madsen, J. K. & Cowley, S. J. (2014) Editorial Foreword: Cognition, Language, and the Scales of Time, Cybernetics and Human Knowing 21 (1/2), 5-8

2014Aristotle’s Rhetoric, peer-reviewed summary for Mouseion

2013Aagaard, A., Eskerod, P., Knudsen, M. H., Madsen, J. K., Madsen, T. K., Petersen, B. & Rosenbaum, S. M (2013) Organisering og ledelse af multi-partner projekter. En undersøgelse blandt rådgivende ingeniører, Børsens Ledelseshåndbøger I (December)

2013Event: AISB Workshop – Distributed Thinking Symposium V, AISB Quarterly 137 (October), 24-25

2012 Aagaard, A., Eskerod, P., Knudsen, M. H., Madsen, J. K., Madsen, T. K., Petersen, B. & Rosenbaum, S. M. (2012) Collaboration and performance in Multi-Partner Projects: The case of engineering consultancies. Research methodology, University of Southern Denmark, Working papers in Marketing & Management 32, pp. 1-72

2012En helt personlig hilsen, Op-Ed, Weekendavisen, 12

2012Reprint of Fucking Funeral (2008), Retorik i talerstolen: 20 taler fra RetorikMagasinet, Retorikforlaget, 80-90

2011Lad os tage en dyb, sproglig indånding, commentary, Berlingske Tidende, 23

2011 Tabte muligheder I forskeruddannelsen, Op-Ed, Politiken

2010 Den amerikanske tradition I nye klæder, RetorikMagasinet 78, 31-35

2010 Moderne analytisk sprogfilosofi: Introduktion til relevansteori, Tanken (Danish Philosophical Magazine), 1, 9-12

2009 Tack och lov att han är borta, translation of “Fucking Funeral” (2008) in the Swedish RetorikMagasinet, 39/40, 35-39.

2008 Fucking Funeral, RetorikMagasinet 69, 31-35.

2008 Kommunikation med potentiale til mere, RetorikMagasinet 69, 26-27.

2007 Når Journalistikken vil noget mere, RetorikMagasinet 66, November, 4-7.

200669 poems of love and hate – Y-generationen slår til, Eksperimentalforlaget [collection of poetry], pp. 89


Teaching, supervision, and marking experience

2013-16Supervising students (undergraduate) at BBK for final-year projects and dissertations

2013-14Lectureship, BBK. Managing all lectures for Prof. Mike Oaksford and Prof. Ulrike Hahn whilst they are on sabbatical. This includes lectures for undergraduate and master students.

2012-13Demonstrator: 2nd Year Psychological Experimental Lab, UCL (supervise students and mark lab reports)

2011-12Demonstrator: Introduction to Psychological Experiments, UCL (supervise students and mark lab reports)


Academic editorial experience and reviewer positions

2014Guest editor of special issue: Cybernetics and Human Knowing 21 (1/2) co-editor: Stephen Cowley

Reviewer for Cybernetics and Human Knowing (2013-); Philosophical Psychology (2014-); Cognition (2014-), Frontiers in Psychology (2014-)


Conferences, invited talks etc.

2016Optimising Policy Interventions: Using Agent-Based Models to manage fisheries, predict interventions, and find optimal policy settings, International Congress on Agent Computing (29/11/2016)

2016Emergent Conspiracy Theories from Fully Rational Agents: a Network Analysis Using an Agent-Based Model, SCIECON 2016 (29/11/2016)

2016Deriving emergent cognitive functionality through multi-scalar temporal interactions, CHIAS IV (15/9/2016)

2016Trump supported it?! A Bayesian source credibility model applied to appeals to specific American presidential candidates’ opinions, CogSci 2016 (10-14/8/2016)

2016A Cognitively Realistic Model of Decision Making in Ocean Ecology, CogSci 2016 (10-14/8/2016)

2016Can a Bayes’ Net approach capture intuitive use of sequential testimonies in a legal reasoning paradigm? CogSci 2016 (10-14/8/2016)

2016A Psychologically Realistic Approach to Decision Making in Marine Ecology, International Conference on Thinking (5/8/2016)

2015Predicting Convincingness of Complex Sources, London Judgment and Decision-Making Society (2/12)

2015Modelling Political Source Credibility of Election Candidates in the USA, CogSci 2015 (24/7)

2015Testing a methodological assumption in Bayesian argumentation: 1st-person versus 3rd-person dialogues, European Conference on Argumentation (11/6)

2015Source credibility in a specific domain: Trustworthiness and expertise of election candidates in the USA, European Conference on Argumentation (10/6)

2014Exploring obesity campaigns: argumentation and motivation manipulation, Aarhus University (invited talk, 19/12)

2014Reasonable differences of opinion: Why subjectivity in reasoning matters, University of Leeds (invited talk, 25/11)

2014Exploring the Psychology of Political Persuasion: From Theory to Potential Application and Analysis, Kingston Upon Thames (invited talk, 19/11)

2014Persuasion from a Bayesian perspective: Theory, model, and application, Technical University of Denmark (invited talk, 7/10)

2014As time goes by: Lodging the individual subjective self in a distributed and multi-scalar temporality, 2nd International Conference on Interactivity, Language & Cognition (12/9)

2014Exploring Persuasion Processing: Foundations, Model Refinement, and Application, University College London (invited talk, 3/4)

2014Developing and demarking the SPIMP: Critical perspectives on a probabilistic model of persuasion processing, University of Southern Denmark (invited talk, 13/3)

2013Time Scales in Language Dynamics, Distributed Thinking Symposium IV (talk, 30/1)

2013Nudging your beliefs: Prolegomena to formalising a nudge in the social sphere, Rhetoric in Society IV (talk, 16/1)

2012An embodied approach to reasoning and persuasion, 1st International Conference on Interactivity, Language & Cognition (talk, 12/9)

2012Persuasion: A puzzle for reasoning? International Conference on Thinking 2012, Birkbeck University (talk, 5/7)

2012Baeza Ruiz, A. & Madsen, J. K. The physical presence and persuasive potential of occupying a public sphere, PREOCCUPIED: The Words, Wounds and Workings of Occupations, Past and Present (talk, 28/6)

2012Importance of contextual influences in argumentation processing, 13th International Conference on Language and Social Psychology (talk, 22/6)

2012Bayesian rationality in persuasion studies, Formal, Informal and Experimental Approaches to Argumentation, University of Toulouse (talk, 14/5)

2012A holistic view of persuasion, Cumberland Lodge (poster, 27/4)

2012 Fragmenteret kommunikation, subjektiv rationalitet og logikkens begrænsninger, University of Southern Denmark (invited talk, 9/3)

2012Bayesian reasoning as a fundamental aspect of language processing, Distributed Language Symposium III (talk, 20/1)

2011 Logic in practical argumentation, McGill University (invited talk, 21/10)

2011Persuasion, Vigilance, and Style ECREA Interpersonal Communication and Social Interaction Conference 2011 (talk, 9/9)

2011 Eksperimentel tilgang: Et indledende oplæg, Syddansk Universitet (invited talk, 7/8)

2011 Challenges of persuasion, Cumberland Lodge (talk, 5/5)

2011 Cognitive Analysis of Persuasive Communication, Variation in Language Processing (talk, 12/4)

2011Harris, A., Hsu, A. & Madsen, J. K. Hitler did it! A quantitative test of a Bayseian approach to source characteristics in argumentation, European Conference on Cognitive Science (talk, 9/4)

2011 A Cognitive Supplement to Rhetorical Theory, Rhetoric in Society III (talk, 27/1)

2011 Mckillen, A. & Madsen, J. K. The Linguistics of Internet Memes: Accounting for the Syntax and Pragmatics of ’Fail’, 9th International Conference on Arts and Humanities (poster, 10/1)

2010 Cognitive Theories as a Supplement to Persuasion Theory, UCL (poster, 19/9)


Appearances in media and public engagements

2014 Derfor preller gode argumenter af på nogle mennesker, Videnskab


2013SuperLab: Presenting psychological research to non-university people (


Conferences/workshops organised

2013Distributed Thinking Symposium, AISB Workshop series, Goldsmiths, University of London, UK (30-31/1), role: main organiser

2012Post-graduate Peer Group Conference, Cumberland Lodge, UK (26-27/4), role: main organiser

2010 “Relativity of Value” Conference, UCL, UK (9-10/10), role: assistant organiser


Administrative positions and committee and society memberships

2014-presentOrganiser of Reasoning and Argumentation Lab, BBK (

2012-13Instigator and organizer of London Interactivity Society

2011 Organizing member of Postgraduate Peer Group, UCL

2011Doctoral student member of Graduate Research Committee and Student-Staff Consultative Committee (SSCC, specifically: PhD), Division of Psychology, UCL

2009 Student member of the SSCC (specifically: MRes), UCL

2008 Student member of the SSCC (specifically: Rhetoric), KU

2008 Student member of the Library Committee (specifically: Rhetoric), KU


Work, academic visits, and more

2013-14Associate Academic and Senior Academic Consultant at Mouseion Professors Limited, London

2013Visiting researcher, April (prof. John Drummond, Fordham University, NYC)

2010 Assistant at Behavioral Economics Summit, Institute of Practitioners in Advertising

2009 Communication consultant for Capitalize (PR company, London) – hired to give courses in effective rhetorical communication.

2008 RA at the University of Southern Denmark.

2007 Proof-reader, RetorikMagasinet (Danish rhetorical magazine).

2007-08 Editor, RetorikMagasinet.

2007 Tutor at the Department of Media, Cognition and Communication (specifically: Rhetoric), KU

2007 RA at the University of Southern Denmark.

1999-06 Youth, part and fulltime jobs (6 different places, details available upon request)


Individual awards, scholarships, and grants

2013Graduate School Scholarship for visit to Fordham University in April 2013

2012Grant to support the PhD by Solar Fonden af 1978

2012Experimental Psychology Society Grindley Grant for ICLASP 13

2010-12 Various scholarships to support PhD (a complete list is available upon request)

2009 Various scholarships to support MRes (ibid)

2008 Erasmus-Socrates Scholarship to support a year at UCL

2007 International scholarship from Copenhagen University.

2005 Valedictorian at Mulernes Legatskole

2005 Grant for social commitment and academic excellence from Mulernes Legatskole.


Language skills

Danish – mother tongue (linguistically closely related to Norwegian and Swedish in which I can also communicate)

English – fluent both written and oral (practically bilingual)

German – able to read, speak and write quite well

Spanish – reading and conversational skills


IT skills

Programming and statistics: MATLAB, SPSS, R, NetLogo, and Python

Competent at Windows and Apple templates

Confident in web and blog design (e.g.,


Personal interests

•Painting as well as play, prose and poetry writing (see misc. publications)

•Amateur guitar and bass guitar player

•Running (e.g. 5 marathons 2011-2015), football, and yoga

•Passion for different culinary cultures (cooking) and travelling (preferably by train)



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